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Give the gift of mobility
We work with the animals so many dismiss as too hard to help. The broken biscuits; the ones not picked and left on the plate.

Broken Biscuits is a disabled animal advocacy organisation, seeking to remove barriers to these animals pursuing active and healthy lives. Too often their lives are put into question due to the circumstances surrounding them, rather than the injury that has occurred. We wish to support carers, to guide them with post injury care. 


Our successful Roll Model campaign, run by our education team, demonstrates the potential of life post injury, removing some of the misconceptions and fears that so often cause pet parents to end their existence.

Please read our fundraising guidelines.  


Broken Biscuits: Reg. UK Charity no: 1176733
Just like with disabled humans, a life changing injury or illness need not be a life ending one. We work to promote the many options available to treat and rehabilitate injured animals and restore their mobility so that they can return to active lives.
This website is currently being upgraded. For more information regarding the activities of Broken Biscuits, or to make contact regarding any matter, please do so through our Facebook community, via the link below.
Broken Biscuits Facebook Page
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