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My Dog Has Wheels - Otto

My dog has wheels. Don’t you know. 

Rubber paws. Now watch him go.

People say he should give up. 

Who wants a two-legged pup?

But, Otto’s not beaten, he’s a fighter.

Just a couple of drumsticks lighter

In racing trim, he tears up track 

Zoom up front straight, zip down back

Got slicks for dry, and treads for wet,

He’s speedy as a dog can get

I found him trapped inside a shelter

Saw me coming, ‘My eyes will melt her’

Wasn’t sure I’d want a cripple,

Can my perfect pond stand a ripple? 

Once I get him kitted out

His lap times leave me in no doubt

Other dogs, he’s just not fussed

Leaves them back in all his dust

His biggest gift though was a lesson,

That life’s too rich, to go a messing

About with neg-a-tivity,

When you’ve got such ability

So much in life to be achieved, 

Whilst there’s still air that can be breathed 

Don’t focus on the small potat-ers

Forget the bullies and the haters

Remember Otto’s fighting ‘tude,

To give in would be awful rude  

Remember life is what you make it,

Not petty moans from those who fake it

Otto’s brand-new life, despite the bias,

A winner stood atop that dias

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