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the disabled animal charity.

Broken Biscuits: Reg. UK Charity no: 1176733


Every year thousands of dogs across the UK lose their mobility due to injury, illness or congenital condition.


For the last 14 years Broken Biscuits have been giving dogs back their run. Working with vets to educate the wider community about the possibilities of life post injury, with the right care and equipment.

Just like with disabled humans, a life changing injury or illness need not be a life ending one. We work to promote the many options available to treat and rehabilitate injured animals and restore their mobility so that they can return to healthy, active lives.


Our mission is to remove barriers, allowing disabled animals to continue to enjoy long and active family lives.


We know from experience that the right information and support, at the right time, can be life changing. We advocate for the potential of injured animals, and provide practical means to help families stay together. 


Working directly with veterinary professionals, and related experts, we provide wheelchairs and other mobility aids to dogs in need to aid their rehabilitation and get them rolling.


We provide access to the collective experience of hundreds of pet parents in similar situations to help guide and inform.


We provide access to facilities where, under the guidance of trained professionals, dogs can test out new kit and gain confidence and interact with other dogs in a safe and secure environment.


With your help we can bring these vital services to more dogs and families in need.

Our website is currently undergoing an upgrade.  To find out more about our work with disabled animals please visit Broken Biscuits Facebook page  

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