Broken Biscuits: Life Rolls On

We work with the animals so many dismiss as too hard to help. The broken biscuits; the ones not picked and left on the plate.

Broken Biscuits is a disabled animal advocacy organisation, seeking to remove barriers to these animals pursuing active and healthy lives. Too often their lives are put into question due to the circumstances surrounding them, rather than the injury that has occurred. We wish to support carers, to guide them with post injury care. Our successful Roll Model campaign, run by our education team, demonstrates the potential of life post injury, removing some of the misconceptions and fears that so often cause pet parents to end their existence.

Just like with disabled humans, a life changing injury or illness need not be a life ending one. We work to promote the many options available to treat and rehabilitate injured animals and restore their mobility so that they can return to active lives.

  • We work with veterinary professionals to develop educational resources to better inform vets, carers and the wider community, about the mobility and treatment options available to provide ongoing quality of life.
  • We fund treatment, rehabilitation and mobility aids for animals with nobody else to help them, including strays, rescues and those from low income families.
  • We are building a UK rehabilitation centre to provide best of care to animals undergoing recovery and rehabilitation
  • We help to re-home these mobilised animals into caring, supporting forever homes and provide ongoing support

Giving the incredible gift of mobility. How you can help.

  1. As an individual:

We have over 250 dogs in care across Europe that we must feed and house on a daily basis. Our dogs often require extensive rehabilitation and recovery, (often 12 months +), before they are fit to travel and be re-homed meaning that we have continual need for assistance in meeting day to day expenses of keeping our dogs alive and comfortable. You can donate here

The Norman Guntrip Wheelchair Recipient Program.

Contribute towards a specific dogs treatment and mobility. All our wheelchairs are vet approved adjustable wheelchairs. You can follow the progress of our dogs in care via out Facebook page. You can donate here

2. As a business:

Animal ambulance project:

A critical component of our operations is the safe transportation of animals through often extreme variation in weather. From -30C in winter to well over 30C in summer. We are currently fundraising for animal ambulances in each of the three primary regions in which we operate, (UK, Romania and Bosnia). You can help by sponsoring (or part sponsoring), or simply donating towards the cost of these vehicles. Co-branding opportunities are available upon negotiation.

Donate a pallet

Donate or sponsor a pallet of food or supplies, or its transportation.

UK rehabilitation centre project:

We are establishing a UK based rehabilitation centre and are seeking sponsors and donors to help build and equip facilities to provide the best of care to our animals. Please contact us vis our email address below for more information.


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