Broken Biscuits: Life Rolls On

Give the incredible gift of mobility.

Injured animals deserve a second chance at life, especially those with no one to look after them. The broken biscuits; the ones left on the plate after everyone else has been chosen.

We fund care and rehabilitation for these animals. Injured and disabled, on the streets or in rescue. We also provide custom made carts and other essential equipment for those loving pets who have no families to buy these items for them. Allowing them to pursue a normal lifestyle filled with exercise and adventure.

We work to support both the rescuer and the animal. By providing them with funds for life saving surgeries, essential foster care and equipment to make their lives as comfortable as possible whilst they wait for a family to love and adopt them.

We desperately need donations, both money and in kind, to allow us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these animals. We are committed to providing for the long term futures of the animals in our care.


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