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How You Can Help

Broken Biscuits (UK reg charity 1176733) is the UK's leading disabled animal welfare charity.


For the last 10 years we have been caring, supporting and educating anyone who will listen about the potential in disabled animals.  


Every year thousands of pets across the UK become disabled, either through injury, age or illness. We work with vets and pet parents who are often simply unaware of the options available, or consider them too expensive or onerous. 


It is our mission to keep life rolling on for disabled pets across the UK, and bring our message and support services to more in need pets.  Delivering on this however requires ongoing funding.  Broken Biscuits are solely dependent upon the generosity of individuals and organisations to pay for the equipment, medication, specialist treatment of our residents, as well as ever increasing day to day food and accommodation costs.

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At our Lincolnshire sanctuary we are building the world’s first doggie skate park and learner driving school.  Here disabled dogs, and their carers, can try out the latest mobility kit in a safe and fun family environment.  Learning the skills, and building the confidence, before hitting the pavements and parks. The difference mobility can make to a disabled dogs life can be profound. The key is securing the right kit, the right fit and the skills to keep him rolling in comfort. Our team regularly take these skills out on the road visiting schools, community groups and shows to spread the message and help more pets and their owners.


We provide our supporters with a variety of ways to help.


1. Make a one-off donation

Any donation, no matter how big or small, is appreciated and will go a long way to improving the life of our residents and other supported pets in our network. 

2. Make a monthly commitment


Our dogs and cats have overcome so much to get where they are now.  We are committed to giving them long happy and health lives full of fun and action.  This does however require regular funding to feed, medicate and accommodate our residents. A supported life need not be a short one, we have residents who have been happily rolling in their wheels for 10 years or more. Enquire about signing up for a monthly commitment to help us deliver on this aim. 


3. Sponsor a pet


Fallen in love with one of our rollers?  Why not sign up to sponsor them.  Helping to meet their daily needs and get a personalised thank you card, and maybe even a visit?  Enquire about sponsoring a pet.


4. Sponsor a project

Broken Biscuits are building a rehabilitation and education centre at their Lincolnshire sanctuary. Funds are desperately needed to fund security, landscaping and building works. Opportunities are still available to help in both big and small ways to help assist more dogs get rolling and keep happy families together longer. Enquire about sponsoring or contributing towards a project.

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