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Rehabilitation Centre

The Broken Biscuits Centre at Hazel Meadows will provide facilities for disabled animals across the three critical elements of their journey to happily ever after. 

Education regarding what is possible (and support on the journey there), access to critical care and rehabilitation, and a safety net to ensure no dogs are left behind.


Each of these areas will require building, landscaping and renovation projects that Broken Biscuits are seeking funding for.

1. Access & Security

Safety and security are critical elements for a facility like Broken Biscuits, where visiting and resident dogs will often have differing behavioural and medical needs and need to be kept separated.


There is also a need for access off and on the premises to be secure, ensuring that there are no unexpected visitors, (four legged or two), and that none of the inside dogs stray into neighbouring farmland, the front road, or the railway line that runs along the rear of the property.

Finally the site will require the storage of expensive dog mobility and rehabilitation equipment. Securing this will be critical to ongoing operations.


Broken Biscuits are therefore seeking funding for the following security measures.

• Eight foot high perimeter fencing (Will involve reinforcement of existing fencing & installation of new)

• 2 solid entry security gates

• Replace/extend/reinforce existing internal fencing to make dog proof

• Security lighting

• Security cameras

2. Field Shelter Renovation

Conversion of an existing field shelter to create an all weather undercover facility where dogs can be exercised regardless of time of day or the weather.  This will also provide a space where rehabilitation clinics and sessions of our popular education programs can be held.  This will include also disabled toilet facilities and a laundry and dog washing area.


Broken Biscuits are seeking funding for the following project elements.​


  • Concreting the current dirt floor, installing drainage & plumbing, as well as reconnecting electricity and lighting

  • Enclosing the front of the shelter to weather proof and install doors

  • Conversion of an internal shed into a disabled toilet and laundry/dog wash area

3. Stables Renovation

4. Dog Skate Park

5. Dog Driving School

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