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Education Centre

The way injured animals bounce back is truly inspirational. They adapt, they accept, they find ways. We can all learn something from them.

Broken Biscuits have been visiting schools, and community groups, all across the country for years, using our Roll Model dogs to make bigger points about inclusivity, body image and disability. These highly popular sessions provide a safe and fun environment to discuss important issues. Proving that resilience really is a message that transcends species. Yet this is just a start.


What if instead of taking the message to schools and community groups, we could bring them to us? Opening up the possibility of interacting with more dogs, in a safe, secure and fun environment.  Away from a sterile classroom or crowded church hall.


Broken Biscuits are building an Education Centre, in Lincolnshire, to do just that, and are asking for funding to help make this possible. This will involve the renovation of an existing field shelter into an enclosed event space, disabled toilet facilities, plus the world’s first Doggie Skate Park and Driving School.  

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