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Our Sanctuary

Securing Their Future

Mobility challenges come in different forms.


For some the support is temporary. To help a disabled animal through a rehabilitation plan, or to sustain their activity

longer than weary limbs will allow.  


For others the bikes provide a life filled with precious freedom to explore. To engage and to play.  At Broken Biscuits we work to ensure that whatever the circumstances a dog can enjoy life to the fullest.


Unfortunately sometimes the demands of caring for a disabled dog become too much for some families.  In such circumstances Broken Biscuits can accept surrenders into our care either via fostering or rehoming through our supporter network, or at our Lincolnshire sanctuary where we currently home dozens of dogs and cats with varying conditions and degrees of disability.

For a disabled dog, space for exercise is often limited, especially off lead. For a newbie, a fresh set of wheels can be quite intimidating. Especially if they are being asked to learn to ride on a high street pavement, or in a busy park. 

At the Broken Biscuits Education & Rehab Centre dogs are able to get used to their wheels in a controlled environment. With the freedom to run as much, or as little, as they are comfortable with. With access to veterinary professionals and experts in dog mobility, pet parents can learn how to set up and adjust their ‘bikes’, as well as get advice on their care and well being.


JASPER - 6 year old Mixed Breed. Road Accident Victim (Paraplegic) 

Wheelchair User.  Resident Broken Biscuits Sanctuary

The Broken Biscuits Sanctuary

The Broken Biscuits Disabled Dog Centre

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